Old King John's Castle

Old King John's Castle
A view of King John's Castle from the River Shannon. Behind the castle turret is the end of Convent Street where Bridget and John's daughter, Mary, was born in 1865, just before Bridget left for America to join her husband John. Photo July 2011.

About John Thompson (Thomas) and Bridget Reidy

About John Thompson/Thomas and Bridget Reidy

John Thompson/Thomas was born in Ireland c 1831 and married Bridget Reidy (Riedy/Ready) c1851 in Ireland. Bridget was born in Ireland c1831. They used the Thompson and Thomas surnames interchangeably, but settled on Thomas prior to coming to America. In 1866 the family immigrated from County Limerick, Ireland, to Chicago, Illinois. They had eight known children, six born in Ireland and two born in Illinois. Bridget [Madigan/Thompson Genealogy] the oldest was born 1852 in or near Limerick City, County Limerick and died in Chicago in 1935. The other children born in Limerick include: Mary Ellen (c1855-1906); Patrick (1857-b1866); James (1860-1932); Martin (1862-1898); and Marian/Mary (1865-b1866). The two youngest children John (c1867-1879) and Lillian Marie (1869-1928) were born in Illinois, most likely, Chicago. The mother, Bridget, died of heart failure and pneumonia on May 3, 1900. Father, John, died of pneumonia three years later on May 21, 1904. They are both buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mary Ellen Thompson and Charles Hallaren, Marriage, 1877

Charles O'Holleren (Hallaran) born 1857 married Mary Ellen Thompson, second child of John and Bridget Thompson, on August 2, 1877.  They married at St. John Catholic Church.  The license states that Charles was 22 and Mary Ellen was also 22 when they married.  They were married by Rev. John Waldron.

They had ten known children.
  • John born September, 1878
  • Mary born April, 1881
  • Ellen born February, 1883
  • Alice born May 17, 1884
  • Charles born October 24, 1886
  • Lilly born July 1889
  • Anna born September 1891
  • Cecelia born March 1894
  • Agnes born April 1895
  • William born February 11, 1898
Image courtesy: Elaine M. Beaudoin

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